Caroline Richards Textile Design

hand-woven hand-dyed textiles




I trained at Farnham, graduating in 2003 with a 1st class honours in Woven Textiles, followed by an MA in Contemporary Crafts (printed and woven textiles) in 2005.

Fundamental to my work is the quality of the raw materials which I use. I work mainly with wool using yarn from British sheep breeds, which offer a range of character and potential.

As a hand weaver, producing my own designs, I exploit the possibilities presented by the hand process including spinning, the stitching together of woven lengths, the use of applique and the bonding of layers through fulling. With this freedom I create 0ne-off large pieces and individual smaller items.

I use traditional techniques and wet-finishing methods, fulling woollen cloth underfoot and setting worsted cloth by crabbing.

Although the texture and handle of the cloth is paramount, colour is equally important to me and to that end I do all my own dyeing.